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About Us


Bayfair Daycare attempts to create and provide a stimulating environment so that it will meet the needs of each child in order for them to grow to the fullest capacity to which they are capable of achieving. We strive toward “inclusion” offering an integrated program for our Exceptional Children. We will strive to offer a program that is flexible to meet the developmental needs of the children with age-appropriate curriculum and a curriculum sensitive to the capabilities of each child. The areas of development we will work to nurture are: intellectual, mental, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual.

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“Our kids started at Bayfair Daycare at an early age – at 6 and 10 months. We chose Bayfair because of the program they offer, the amazing outdoor space, and the staff we met during our visit. Over the years we have really come to appreciate the fantastic team, the flexibility to accommodate our wishes and needs, the facilities, and the overall community. We can’t recommend Bayfair enough.”

– Mark R. and Sandra W.

“Dropping your child off to a complete stranger every morning can be scary for most parents. But knowing every day that our son was in a safe place, learning, and having fun with his peers always made it easier! The love that the caregivers at Bayfair Daycare have for the children is unprecedented and reciprocated by every child in their care which my husband and I found comforting. Bayfair has left an imprint in our lives that will last a lifetime and there are no words to express our gratitude for helping to mold our son into the kind and caring little boy that he is today. Thank you!”

– Kelly G.

“I work with abused and neglected children every day and having my daughter cared for by total strangers was hard. However, the moment I walked into Bayfair Daycare it felt like family. I don’t worry about the care my daughter receives when she’s here which is a huge peace of mind. My daughter gets excited to be here, is sad when she leaves and I see the genuine affection and nurturing she gets from staff. My daughter is beyond her developmental milestones and that’s with the help of the dedicated staff here at Bayfair Daycare. Thank you.”

– Christina W. “The saying ‘It takes a village to raise a child’, undoubtedly holds true when I think about how much the staff at Bayfair Daycare has enhanced both my daughter’s life and my own life immensely. As a first time parent, choosing and deciding where to have my child attend daycare felt like such an overwhelming and uncertain process.  I wasn’t sure if I would make the right choice for my daughter, or if I would find the support that would be needed for my daughter to thrive and to meet her fullest potential. Those worries all subsided from the moment I met Bayfair’s Daycare staff. The staff at the Daycare are extremely wonderful. They care for my daughter and the others who attend, very well. So much so that my daughter gets excited every time that I tell her she’s going to ‘Daycare School’, as we call it. The staff at Bayfair are a true extension of our family and we are blessed to have them in our lives.” – Tanya Our family is very grateful to have found Bayfair Daycare! The teachers truly love and care for the children like their own. Bayfair has allowed both of my children to develop transferable skills, build connections with new friends and teachers, and has given them the opportunity to develop competence and confidence within themselves in a supportive space. – Lyndsay