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22 January 2015

Challenging Behavior Issues and Strategies

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Educators work with a variety of complicated behaviors everyday and have mastered several techniques to deal with them. Most challenging behaviors, such as aggression, position and stubbornness can be redirected through these simple steps.

How to cope:

-Evaluate your own behaviors. Are you setting too many rules? Are you using a lot of “no and don’t” statements? Are you encouraging finger-pointing, arguing or raising voices?

-Treat every mistake as an opportunity to learn new ideas and skills.

-Be aware that sometimes a child who is behaving in an unloving way might be the child who needs love the most.

-Take the time to hug, which not only distracts from negativity but also creates an important sense of belonging. If the child is disinterested in hugging you can tell them that you need a hug and when they are ready you are just a short walk away.

-Social skills are incredibly important to instill in children with challenging behaviors. Take the time to model and teach them how to share, take turns, and show respect and kindness. These don’t develop overnight so invest your time into training, practice and making mistakes.

Thanks to Paula, and ECE from Calgary with 20 years experience, for sharing her ideas with Together Families.

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