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For our rates and further specifics on payment, please contact us. 


Payments Terms: Day care fees are due the first Monday of each month. Please make sure that post dated cheques are dated for the Monday of each week. There is a charge for fees that are late past the due dates each Monday. Any NSF cheques returned from the bank to us will automatically bring a charge to your account. Written and personal contact will be made with the parents whose accounts are in arrears. Bayfair Daycare reserves the right to terminate services if payment policies are not followed. In extreme cases we would require payment in cash prior to the child being accepted into our care.

Enrollment and Discharge: Admission forms will be handed out and completed prior to enrollment. A non-refundable registration fee plus a two week deposit is required to secure a space for your child. Written notice of permanent withdrawal must be given 2 weeks in advance. If notice is not received, full tuition fees will be charged. A maximum of 2 months leave of absence per child will be permitted once annually. A holding fee per week absence is required in order to guarantee enrollment space upon return.