Christian Based Learning Centre

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Core Programing

We offer full and part-time programs for children from new-born right up to their 13th Birthday.

Full-time programs run Monday-Friday. Part-time programs may consist of a minimum 2 to 3 days/week to a maximum of five days/week and may or may not include lunches, depending on the needs of your child. Part-time children may attend the morning or afternoon programs. Enrollment of children in our part-time programs will depend on space availability within the classroom and be contingent upon coupling up with other part time children.

For children who are entering Grade 1 and until the day before they turn 13 years of age, we offer a before and or after school program and full day care during Professional Activity Days and School holidays.

We also offer a full Summer Vacation Bible School Program that includes our School Age children. Our Summer program plans feature an exciting theme with many field trips, water fun activities, children's entertainers and fun activities throughout the day.

Program Plans incorporate the ELECT Curriculum and are designed based on the interests of the children through observation and documentation. Your child’s day will consist of a variety of experiences such as Christian oriented experiences, Concept of the day, Circle Plan, Discovery Table, Arts abelnd Crafts, Painting, Learning Language and Reading Readiness Skills, Math Related Concepts, Multicultural Experiences, Dramatic Play, Sensory Experiences and Other Activities. Each week the RECE's will also plan a day centered around a Bible Theme. All Program Plans are posted outside your child's classroom. Special "Fun-Filled" Programs for March Break, Summer Holidays (July & August) and Christmas Holidays are developed jointly by our RECE's, Assistant Supervisor and Supervisor. These are made available to families.

Below are our children to staff ratios for each age group:

  • Infant Program 3:1
  • Toddler Program 5:1
  • Junior and Senior Preschool Program 8:1
  • School Age Program 15:1