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March Break

Every March, Bayfair Daycare offers a unique and fun-filled experience for your child! Whether your child is already enrolled in one of our full or part time programs or parents need to find a fun and safe place for their child…Bayfair Daycare promises to provide just that…a fun and safe place for your child!

Each day, something wonderful is planned for the children. Some examples are…
• Special theme and dress up days
• Exciting excursions
• Fun crafts
• Visitor performers
• Martial Arts
• Talent Shows
• Cooking or Baking Experiences
• Theme related menu for the week
• Multicultural events
• Sport Events (in one of our large gyms)

Most importantly, children have the opportunity to re-unite with old friends or form new friendships! If you are interested in enrolling your child for our March Break Extravaganza week, please be sure and enroll well in advance as spaces are limited.

For Parents: Click button below to download and complete your childs schedule. 

March Break Extravaganza



Picture Day

Please dress your child in solid complimentary colours!

New photographers!

McHugh and Company Photographers


International Festival!


Art Activity:
Creating Flags of the World and making a collage!


International Snack Buffet
(parents encouraged to bring a “cultural snack” item with ingredient list)


International Clothing Fashion Show!
(wear a cultural clothing items)


International Music Dance Party with Bubbles



Cake Boss Day

Classroom Cake Decorating
Cupcakes for Infant and Toddler

Icing Painting

Silly Photo Booth

Who is the Cake Boss Contest

Cake Hunt Game

Decorating Aprons

Making chef hats!


Camp Day

Camp Counsellor  “Andrew” –Campfire!

  • Flashlights
  • Smores
  • Camp songs
  • Stories
  • Beans and Wieners (not for infants)
  • Trail Mix

All together in gym!

Wear your camping attire!

Creepy Crawly Bug Hunt

Campfire Craft

Camp Lunch


Movie Day

Infant and Toddler Butterfly
One-zie Day

Toddler Bear Cubs
Pajama Day

Beluga, Beaver and SA
Special Movie Event

Movie Treats!

Bring your favourite stuffed animal

Create a Movie Poster!

Decorate your movie ticket!


Carnival Day

Snow Cones!


Jumping Castle!

Ring Toss

Carnival Games


Making Caramel Apples

Human Hungry Hippo Game for SA!